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Behind the Style

I make art because I like the idea of inspiring others to find the joy that can spring about from beginning, and often continuing for life, to gather knowledge of the natural world.  Some day you may find it handy to know what those green, brown, multicolored things growing on the ground you step around can provide.  


The Earth provides!  I have experienced a not-so-well known chronic health condition called interstitial cystitis, and oh my, how it blew!  My life became very limited to a bland diet and restrictions of pleasures, so I understand and sympathize if you are in a similar boat.  I am here to shed light on the fact that it's quite likely that everything you need to heal is within shifting your mindset and found growing somewhere out of this planet. After 4 years of doctor visits, trying various pharmaceuticals, to then only incorporating natural remedies, my symptoms remain 95% a thing of the past.  I'm currently sticking to the diet, dipping toes outside of it with no backlash!

My long-term plan is to make many little paintings based on individual forbs, herbs, fungi, and some trees, describing their benefits, things to look out for while foraging for local forest foods, ecological and mindfulness topics.

I was raised in Southeastern Ohio and have since

traveled around the U.S. with seasonal work from a career in hospitality to forestry.  I'm currently settled in Columbus, Ohio, studying individual plants and presenting their benefits.

I have been painting on canvas with acrylics since 2015, and I spent time doodling and drawing in sketch books early on.  I enjoyed the required art classes in school and have since improved from my own efforts.

Our imaginations make life as great or difficult as we perceive.

If you perceive colors around you for each of their healing properties, your life will begin to brighten.  I have been exploring this with some abstract additions, and often consider this while choosing color schemes for my artwork.

You will see some visionary and surreal art in this mix.  Surrealism has always been the most interesting style of art to me because where else can rules not apply, allowing the mind to imagine life a little differently than the ordinary?  I also make aromatherapy jewelry using lava rock beads.

Thank you for checking out this page! If you have questions about my art or products offered in the online shop, please feel free to email me:

call or text: (614)-775-8293

or use the contact box below.

Picture of Ruby Stathers


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Painting titled "Bar Harbor Super Moon"  Sunset and full moon rising over a popular harbor in Maine.


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