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Aronia melanocarpa - As the name suggests, the berries are astringent, but you can enjoy them baked into things or made into jam.  These are often confused with chokecherries, but the two are in different plant families.  Chokeberries are high in fiber, vitamin C, and manganese.  They have higher antioxidant properties than most fruits, reduce blood pressure, could help prevent diabetes, colon cancer, and coronary artery disease.  The berries have also been found to assist with bacterial infections, heart health, neurological diseases, and particularly they have shown to help strengthen the liver. 


As depicted, the stems provide coverage for rabbits and songbirds eat the berries as one of their last choices in the season. This is a plant in the rose family, and it is one that I've personally added to my diet, which influenced my desire to share it as one of the first botanical studies in this series. 


💫Varnished in a protective gloss spray 💫Mounted wire for easy hanging
💫Packed in glass line paper, corner protectors, and bubble wrap inside a fitted box.

"Black Chokeberry" - Original Acrylic Canvas Painting

  • 12x12 inches, 1/2 inch depth

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