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Fractal are similar to galaxy visuals, in that they remind of our scale.  This was a first attempt in adding a touch of them.  True fractals are mathematically calculated, expanding from an object in nature on a microscopic level.  I would also like to share some benefits of the Eastern White Pine.  You'll find that the needles are in bundles of 5.  These needles are edible raw or used for tea.  They have some of the highest vitamin C content of any plant.  They also benefit the lungs, clearing infections or buildup.  Add them to bath salts to help pique your circulatory system.  

The nuts within the pine cones are also edible, raw or roasted.  You'll find that they drop out easily after allowing the cones to air out.  The sap can treat cuts, sore muscles, and boils.  Songbirds and small mammals eat the seeds, while cottontails and white-tailed deer browse the foliage, and others like to chew the bark.  Perhaps you'll view these blue-green beauties with a little more admiration?


 💫Varnished in a protective gloss spray 💫1/2 inch depth 💫Mounted wire for easy hanging💫Packed in glass line paper, corner protectors, and bubble wrap inside a fitted box.

"First Snow" - Original Acrylic Painting

  • 11x14 inches

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