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It's a tasty orange cream summer-y dream.

They've been a staple of summer the last few years since the discovery of such refreshing flavours and convenient accessibility. Why orange? The impossible-to-fully-eat-treat. The acidity of citrus fruits, vinegars, alcohol, caffeine, soy, high sugars and some dairy does the most damage to my compromised bladder walls, which is an uncommon chronic condition called interstitial cystitis (IC) or painful bladder syndrome. When inflammed it acts like a UTI, so it was a big stressor to my sanity and relationship with my partner since concluding this year that antibiotics weren't doing squat to fight this thing off. There are no known causes or cures to IC, but supplements, changes to diet, and practicing stress reducing habits can help immensely in reducing inflammation. Anyone, especially with chronic pain, can surely relate. We can choose to sit in suffering or make the changes and hop on our healthy lifeboat without looking back. Life proves that obstacles are meant to be observed and learned. Maybe life said I needed a slap in the face to learn self-care & love habits, and my relationship with my partner has evolved positively after all the communication about our needs. I painted this with a feeling of appreciation for all those things that I have already been able to enjoy, and now need to leave behind on the shore, or clouds..


Looks good in the kitchen but you can celebrate this stuff wherever you prefer


💫Varnished in a protective gloss spray 💫1/2 inch depth 💫Mounted wire for easy hanging

💫Packed in glass line paper, corner protectors, and bubble wrap inside a fitted box.

Frame not included



"Ode to the Orange Dream Shake" Original Canvas Painting