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Take the time to breathe in the sunshine. The parade of little sunspot snails circle around the spiral to go and shed light, as they were born to do. "Flow Slow & Shine" is the Sun God above "Float," although when the idea for a snail Sun first came to me, these were unrelated. Perhaps it was the subconscious. The usual suspect... of glorious ideas! My visual concepts magically appear, often while I'm falling asleep. (And yes, I write them down). It's a reminder to slow it down, to soak up the moments, and get in tune with the pace that brings you harmony.


💫Varnished in a protective gloss spray 💫Mounted wire for easy hanging

💫Packed in glass line paper, corner protectors, and bubble wrap inside a fitted box.




"Flow Slow & Shine" - Original Acrylic Canvas Painting

  • 12x12 inches, 1/2 inch depth