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One morning, as I was traveling South on I-81 in Virginia, I noticed a coyote peering out amongst some blooming redbud trees. They were soaking up the sunshine as if just awaking.
I wanted to replicate this, the feeling of the Sun. I replaced the stream of vehicles (you're not missing that congested stretch of traffic in this, are you?)  Surely what the coyote would have rather reveled over.

But we have to travel somehow.  Fortunately, there are more fields for him to find.  Wildlife bridges over some of our routes are a nice help, placed where it's needed most.
I wanted to keep it real to the woods of this region.  The Appalachians. For me, it will be a strong reminder of this chapter in Virginia.  
It is ultimately about change.

"The only constant you can rely on is change" -Heraclitus.

While working on this, I was reminded of the ever spinning motion to everything as we slowly ride along on this rock around the Sun.
Let's keep moving forward, carefully, so as to not break the food chain.  
Co-existing with the wild and remembering that humans were once all foragers as well, living simply and presently, off of the best we could find.


💫Varnished in a protective gloss spray  💫Mounted wire for easy hanging

💫Packed in glass line paper, corner protectors, and bubble wrap inside a fitted box.

"Sun Appreciation" - Original Acrylic Canvas Painting

  • 10x10 inches, 1/2 inch depth