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"Place of Peace" is my personal vision of calm and happiness that I return to in my mind often.  I hope this reminds you of the transformative power of imagination. 


"Chakra Garden" is the left accompaniment to "Place of Peace"  Enter through this door and you find yourself in a warm sunny day, fresh flowery scented air, and a path leading to a hammock for relaxing.


"Space to Breathe" is the right accompaniment to "Place of Peace."  It is what you find through the door on the right. You are in a deeply relaxed state, where you're imagining what it would be like to go up into space with the stars and float freely for a while.


All 3 original size canvas prints are included with this set.

  • 11"x14" (in.) Garden of the Solar Plexus and Space to Breathe
  • 16"x20" (in.) Place of Peace
  • Navy blue colored siding
  • 1.25" (in.) canvas depth
  • Finished Backing, Corner Bumpers, Metal Screw Fasteners



Places of Peace Set


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