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Purple Satin

Why I Create

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

View of my side kitchen window with a white dry erase boardon the left with a sketch of 3 happy clouds being warmed (yellow color) by the red swirly sun in the middle.  A few botanicals in the corner.  my sun pot full of colored markers on the cabinet. Some purple wildflowers I picked from the front. butterfly string lights over the window and sheer white curtains with sewn vine leaves.

Grateful for those of you who are here, following and supporting my art!

I've included some more #happenings around here in this post, as well as explaining what inspires me to make art and share it with you.

Recently, I sewed and ironed on some patches to jean overalls that I plan to wear a lot of the time while painting. The patches have symbolism that will keep me inspired to keep working.

Me facing front in jean overalls ironed and sewn patches. two phoenix, solar plexus chakra mandala, sun face god.

Me in jean overalls back facing. Two large crane patches flying amongst Japanese cherry blossoms

The patches were bought on Etsy, which I do appreciate the ease of finding personalized whatever-you-wants by small business owners. For myself, the costs were simply more to host a store on Etsy than to have a website. There are some pros to the personal website for a new artist relatively speaking. Like practicing writing on this blog! It does mean I need to advertise more to bring people in from the webs, and in the next year or few, I'll be working to get my art out locally.

I don't intend for my art or persona to be show-offy or simply seeking funds, though they would always be helpful, it is truly something enjoyable for me as a creative outlet. I try to spread a good/peaceful/interesting message to people that speaks to one enough that they want to support the artist and have that visual around in whatever way desired, nearly. A lot of my items in the store are things you can place and see throughout your day and many of them are functional. The overall fulfilling part of having a store is making someone's day that much better by letting them see something they positively resonate with, which as you know, positivity spreads. Peace? ✌️ World peace? Ya that'd be nice, eh?

I have a lot of canvases (many square 10x10" & 12x12") and endless ideas that I plan to start hulling out next, those of which I would be willing to sell the originals. The first few have been too sentimental since a lot of them follow memories of where I was at the time when it was painted. But now that I'm settled in one place, I can branch out on trying different styles a bit.

Nature, surrealism, and visionary art are my top favorite styles with acrylic paint on canvas. Often bright colors and many thus far (8/23) with water. I guess I like a challenge. Which I do incorporate something new that seems challenging which each piece. Perhaps that's why it has taken me so long to start out. I'm pretty new (12 years of not consistent practice, averaging one painting a year for the first half).

Painting clouds, water, or trees allow me to get lost in them more over time as they flow more naturally out of all the trials and errors with technique, color mixing, or perceptions, etc. Grounding Earth elements are what inspire me most, as reflected in my gallery and jewelry. Respect the rocks, star dust, water, green things, and gases you're given. 🌎🌑☀️

Canvas is sitting outside on grass and against flower box. An infinity symbol displays vertically filled with an arctic scene above and a desert sunset below.  Closed meditating eyes made of ice represent having a cool mind, while smoke from a volcano in the shape of a heart defines the lower half with warmth. A yin-yang symbol rests at the middle merge point between fire from a Chinese dragon and ice from an orca whale's swim.  Northern lights, snowflakes, and a polar bear wrap around the mind, while blue and white orchid flowers, fireworks, and sky lanterns fill around the heart.

"Infinite Balance" - Photo not edited

More Happenings

A third mini-print sample of "Infinitely Balanced" is on the way. Shipping is bit slower than usual on those, but soon I think I will have the right lighting to have the image appear as close to the actual thing as possible. Which currently requires a cloudy day (natural filters) and a steady hand while taking it as straight as possible on both horizontal and vertical angles. Then I'll submit a sample order to my production partner.

Working on a puzzle of "Wandering Mind" here and there too. The solid black parts may take a bit, but I'll at least have the colored pieces together to show you the size. That's the fun part, anyway.

As I think mentioned previously, I'm going to start wire wrapping natural gemstones. First I needed to coat plier tips with a soft grip (I used Plasti-dip) that improves the handling and protects the coat of the wire. A hiccup with my coated pliers happened that shredded them to their base metal when I had to repair a couple of loggers tapes that broke on me while on the day job. I don't suggest using coated pliers for anything but light jobs. I traveled with them to work on the wire wrapping in the quiet evenings in an outdated, wood-walled employee house. Not a bad getaway for a week.

That is the most of things happening now. Trying this thing out monthly, we'll see if that works out best. Thanks again for reading if anyone is here this far! If you like it, share it with your friends who would like it too if you don't mind spreading some positive vibes, a sprinkling of art tips, a scope inside my process, and helping a small business, nature-loving artist out 🏞️


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