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It's been a couple months... What's new?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Welcome ☀️ hope you're getting a nice little break in and if traveling, doing so safely. The lowest recorded temperature in the US a couple days ago was -36°F in Havre, MT. That's the town where I got groceries during an internship. It was a summer gig. One of the locals said it's pronounced have-er (have her), and was named that because two men were fighting over the same woman. I haven't found any evidence of that being true, though.

So here's what I've been up to:

- Eco-friendly organic cotton sweatshirts and hoodies are finished. Now you have those options on top of a unisex T shirt and women's fitted T's.

- Adding products to my Pinterest account

- Painting a new canvas, or rather, hoping the opportunity for more painting comes soon while first tackling pressing issues on the website

- Jewelry: needed a new size of string to hold heavier stones so then gathered some new inventory of beads and parts that fit.

- Ordered supplies for making another customized bracelet

Work on the Website:

- Designed E-Gift Cards and published them so they are now an option. You'll see the option to buy them online for someone or yourself in the main menu.

- Added a banner for choosing to accept (or not accept) cookies with a link to the privacy policy

- Created a FAQ page

- Added a homepage subscribe button and coupon code in auto email

- Added buy now option on product pages and connected PayPal as an option

- Learned how to have a sale and finished all the steps last minute in the car on a touchscreen for the Black Friday weekend even though I despise over-consumerism the day after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving itself isn't that great either is it, when you look at the history...anyway... I will let my subscribers know when a sale is coming ahead of time. You should know that I set the prices as low as possible, to keep 'em reasonable. It's more about sharing nice things than profit. If you saw my pricing spreadsheet you'd understand. Also keep in mind, shipping is always included in the price.

- Tried out AI art and I can see many pros and cons with it. Just type in whatever you're thinking and you're given a few results instantly. Obviously originality and efforts are thrown out the window, and no AI could come close to the value of work by a human.

- I'm so disappointed to realize I was misspelling and pronouncing yin-yang all this time. It's such a powerful symbol. Hope you weren't too turned away by that. Perhaps the rapper duo the Ying Yang Twins brought upon the confusion. Those typos were fixed. I waved between names for "Infinite Balance" like Infinitely Balanced or Balanced Infinity but let's keep it as the prior. While on this subject, maybe you noticed I changed the name of "Garden of the Solar Plexus" to "Chakra Garden" because really, that colored Sun accounts for all the healing energies (and I can do what I want)! But, I'll be limiting changes like that in the future to avoid any confusion.

- Also have been considering changing the name of this all to something more descriptive and easy to find. My last name has always been a struggle for people.

What's up next?

- Adding personal photos and spicing up the backdrops for products

- Creating and publishing the rest of the products with the two newer pieces (Infinite Balance & Ode to the Orange Dream Shake)

- Adding designs to my other platform which I'll share as soon as it's up to snuff ... Why is snuff the word, ew. I retract: Par. Up to par 🏌️‍♂️

Other life things:

- Helping with organization of the house because we're still not moved in (got ahead of myself last time).

- Trying new recipes that are IC-friendly

- Researching marketing trends and tips

- Oh yeah, Christmas Shopping. Pretty much all online this year because, ya know, crowds these days 🤢 This was a Big chunk of time because I must put in that effort to ensure I find something useful or likable, at least. Maybe I'll do more of a shop throughout the year approach next time.

- Recovering from that respiratory virus

- Playing with cats 😺

- Working. I haven't really gotten into the subject but I inventory forests for growth rates, non-native species, and other variables throughout the week. My co-worker spotted a spotted lantern fly - the invasive munchers of produce - on a hackberry tree the other day. I spotted an albino deer that's been traveling with a crew beside my house. A better quality picture of it would be Amazing! Gotta get the fancy camera ready at the window.

Picture taken from my window of an albino deer in a front yard with two other younger non-albino deer

Thanks again for reading! Consider subscribing for deals and getting these posts right in your email box. I know you're time is precious. Enjoy the holidays!



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