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Who What When Where Why Surrealism

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Welcome to a fairly new surrealist-inspired-artist's take on the art style and movement that is surrealism.

Who can be named for their significant impact on the beginnings of surrealism?

Some of the most notable creators included poet and artist(s): André Brenton, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, René Magritte, and Pablo Picasso. Picasso is known most for his cubism, but his later works had surreal themes.

Brenton was largely the founder of the surreal artistic idea, #automatism, and the Dada movement (more on this in a bit).

I'll let Brenton's words describe the What of Surrealism:

“Let us not lose sight of the fact that the idea of Surrealism aims quite simply at the total recovery of our psychic force by a means which is nothing other than the dizzying descent into ourselves, the systematic illumination of hidden places, and the progressive darkening of other places…”

The styles of surrealism vary immensely, with ties to abstracts, landscapes, anything really, including sculptures and writing. The idea of it is to explore images or thoughts that one would find in a dreamlike state, however odd or distorted they may be, the painter or poet understands the subject by bringing their subconscious onto the canvas (or medium).

My favorite part of surrealism is the free-form possibilities, where there are no rules to follow. It is about open-mindedness, not rationalism.

So Dada who?

The Dada movement was a rebellious, anarchic reaction to World War 1, the crime within society, and previous structured art techniques. Rather than realism, Dada artists used elements of spontaneity, free-form, and the nonsensical. Sounds a bit like surrealism, right? That's because Dada heavily influenced the origins of surrealism. However, the difference of the two forms is related to When the war was raging on (Dada) and once it was over, in the 1920's (surrealism).

While Dada broke through the conventional rules and strongly spoke to the disgrace of the current European society and war, surrealism took this energy inward, focusing on self-healing with new physiological practices. As mentioned in my post about automatic drawing, Sigmund Freud used these techniques with his patients to help bring them clarity.

Where? Surrealism began in Paris, France with Brenton's Manifesto of Surrealism and the influences spread... about as fast as anything would in the 20's. To where we are today.

-Heyy. I'm relearning this stuff along with ya.

Why surrealism?

My art was influenced with a lifelong appreciation for art that stands out as being something never previously seen or thought before, however goofy, natural, dreamy, or whichever adjective it may reflect most at the time (a few examples), that makes ya think, "yeah that makes sense in a beautiful or real way." It's sharing those images in and on our minds in a pleasant project of physically creating the visual. So then we can gaze and learn something about ourselves, and why it resonated. It has also always been about expansion of the mind.

If you landed here just curious about the topic, check out my work in my *Gallery* (linked) which is about 3/4 surrealism and 1/4 of them historically being landscapes.

❤ Now you can tap the hearts to save your favorite pieces and/or products in the shop that are designed with said pieces by creating a login.

An adult male lion poses amongst coral reef botanicals underwater
"Deep Sea Dream" - probably the best example of surrealism from my work

Now that you have a better understanding on the style, is it what you expected?

Feel free to share, comment, or ask me questions. Thank you for reading!



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