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Purple Satin

How to Increase Appreciation for Colors and Ship a Canvas Painting

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Hey guys! Thank you for being here. I am standing by my statement in the second post: "Trying this thing out monthly, but we'll see ." Maybe I'll keep you on your toes to check back never knowing when a new one comes out. ... Nahh just kidding I want you in the loop, so there will be social media mentions when I do post new thought bubbles on here. Or sign up to subscribe and never miss it in your inbox.

There's a lot I want to straighten out, such as organizing tasks weekly for putting out content, improving navigation and content on the website, and actually creating art. You may notice the changes within the store. These are meant to make your experience more fluid as the goal. I don't want to fill this with trash so there must be time for thought and research to share things worth your time and mine. We'll all be enjoying more fresh art. Anywho, progress towards that is being made. 🌈

As mentioned in the title, I combined a couple topics here including thoughts and interpretations of colors, namely the 7 chakras, and then you'll find a list of things you need to ship or move artwork.

Something I've taken more into account while making art is the colors or scheme for the reactions ensued. I've noticed the majority of my paintings have blue and are on the cool side. Though I tend to tender it up with something warm as a focal point. I like that the warmness is brought out in contrast.

Blue is a calming color, prevalent in nature with skies and water. I noticed this most when getting a tattoo at a parlor that had a nice blue painted studio hallway that is visible from all the rooms. Perhaps that was inspiration for the colors I recently chose to paint in our house. More on that with a picture in a bit.

To be more specific about where these thoughts brewed recently though, I'm thinking of the 7 chakras, the colors of the rainbow. They all serve a purpose, or at least imaginatively, thinking of these colors as energy. Do you need to feel more grounded and connected to Earth? Breathe in red, to your root chakra. Does your heart need healing? Let in green, the color of love. It's about feeling aligned and taking care of your emotional well-being. Then you can look at all the greenery in nature and be like, look at all the love surrounding me 🌿🌲✨

I'll break it down for you:

Listed below are descriptions of each chakra. I'll let you know the body area, color, meaning, and an optional chant which you can let out slowly along with your breath to assist with stability. When starting, I envision there's a soft glow of the color already cast out onto the wall, or surroundings if outside. Then focus on your body and with each steady breathe, build the color sphere to become larger and brighter from there. Listening to audio, especially early on with this practice is recommended. Just search for chakra alignment tracks or be guided through a meditation.

  1. Root - base of the spine/sitbones - red - grounding and security - optional chant: Lam

  2. Sacral - lower belly - orange - balanced emotions, creativity, sexuality - Vam

  3. Solar plexus - center torso - yellow - self-esteem, confidence - Ram

  4. Heart - heart center - green - compassion and love for self and others - Yam

  5. Throat - ...yep throat - light blue - communication, speaking clearly with awareness, channel this through the mind and heart - Ham

  6. Third eye - between eyes and just above eyebrows - indigo - intuition, focus, clarity, imagination - Aum

  7. Crown - top of your head - violet or white - oneness, knowing all is connected and perfect - no chant, just observe, keep breathing and notice how you feel with all the colors. 🤍

Looking into Buddhism, meditation, and self healing in the last few years is really shaping my style and inspires me to continually be growing and learning more about reading energies. They're everywhere.

And the thing is, this can be understood by all, except psychopaths 🎃. Anyone can meditate or pray towards whatever source they find the most comforting and inspiring, while also practicing gratitude for the little things. I'm sure society would be nicer if we all did our part to practice and carry awareness verses going on autopilot with our words and actions. Our capacity to be self-aware differentiates humans from the other animals after all 🐵🦖


Here's a list of things to acquire and the steps to take in order to ship canvas art safely:

  • First make sure it's waterproofed with a varnish - this comes in spray cans or applied with a brush most often. I've been happy enough with the spray.

  • Glass line paper - good for storing and stacking paintings

  • Packing and wrapping/masking tape - fold paper over paper then lay a tape strip down. Avoid taping the art itself

  • Cardboard corner protectors

  • Bubble wrap - bubbles facing out, smooth surface against the glass line paper and art

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes fit to wrapped canvas - I gave it an extra square inch to fit the bubble wrappings. You want to keep it as tight as possible for less movement.

  • Labels

& Inserts such as:

  • Stickers: "Fragile" Stickers could be made or bought by the roll; logo stickers if you're looking to advertise; others to make things more creative and memorable.

  • Business cards (mine is shown below) I could of made the font bigger, got that noted for the next batch. The cards were made with rounded edges for less paper cuts ✔

My business card shown is a digitally produced Sun appearing as painted with each sunbeam showing a part of various art peices of mine.  Clouds encompass the perimeter with light colored glows.  Red, playful, cursive font states my name "Ruby Stathers", Artist, Left of the Sun reads "Artwork and Jewelry based on a love of nature, surrealism, and color. Below the Sun:  Prints and gifts:; Contact:; to the right are social icons for Instagram and Facebook with my account names beside them. @artbyrubystathers, Ruby Stathers Art.

Anyway, I've been busy helping with interior painting at the house, so now all the walls we care to color are painted. Again with the calm trend, I chose Caribbean blue and sand. Plants are great too.

Quick shot of the corner of a bedroom with freshly painted walls in Carribean blue and sand inside the closet with white trim.

We threw all our belongings back into the rooms after painting so that it's clean enough for guests again, Yay! Some housemates just moved out. Space is good 🛸

"Ode to the Orange Dream Shake" is the first original canvas I'm going to make available Real Soon, and you can expect many more. It is shining up with a couple coats of clear varnish today. Prints are available, first in line in the shop, or click the link below if you wanna walk that route.


A classic wavy milkshake glass is filled with an orange cream shake floating on colorful clouds and garnished with an orange slice that spans it's colorful energies out to the sky.  A jet airplane flies up in the background, below a checkered ribbon swirl.  In this picture I'm shown holding it surrounded by bright fall foliage.
"Ode to the Orange Dream Shake"

I've got another painting sketched out that shall be a pleasant parade of snails and swirls :)

'Tilll next time, thanks for reading! Comment or send me any questions or feedback, why don't cha? 🙂





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