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Purple Satin

Our Eco-friendly Production Process, Gesso, and Puzzles

Updated: May 4, 2023

PLANTS - fresh air is necessary.

I'm going eco-friendly for eco-friendly friends. And because I am all for sustainable solutions! 100% organic cotton t shirts for women are already designed and there are more options to come.

Here is a link to a page by the production company, Printful, describing the steps they are taking to be more environmentally responsible.

The quick deets are that they take extra or returned fabrics and either recycle them or donate them to local charities; packaging has less plastic now and they are moving towards 90-100% post -consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging for all apparel products in North America; they make product orders as they are submitted, so over production is not happening.. it's on the cool stream, if you will; and there are several facilities across the globe so shipping effects are reduced by delivering the products shorter distances.

Now let me tell you about

Gesso - never heard of this stuff in school, though using it to prime canvas is key to making your paint glide on smoothly! It is usually white, or you could find it pigmented for various undertones. I first tried coating a canvas using a large synthetic paint had too many streaks. Then I tried a putty knife which worked much better but could leave some streaks if it's not perfectly flat edged. I found the easiest fool proof method to apply gesso is with a sponge brush. The sponge works to smooth things out for you. 2-3 coats letting it dry completely in-between will have your canvas primed. It gets messy with drip off so I'll do a bunch of canvases at once to have them ready to work on whenever needed.

I started the new orange painting tonight and can verify that the paint is GLIDING. That makes it more fun. Not as much colored paint to waste on multiple coats when one, maybe two, after a canvas primed with gesso will do it. 🤯 what a waste.

Gems - I bought more of them ... progress TBA.

The pics below are the easy part of the "Wandering Mind" #puzzle completed to show you what they're like, and my progress :}

Puzzle only connected down the middle. A yellow seemingly spinning orb is centered with many stacked colors expanding out.  It's positioned between two shaded half circles and crossed with two dark beams.

Angle of "Wandering Mind" Puzzle, incomplete

Close up of "Wandering Mind" jigsaw puzzle peices

Glossy and vibrant colors. It turned out well. A little smaller than you may expect, but it is a nice quality puzzle of its own sort.


Do you have dreams of orange cream?  If you do as well, you'll be interested in my next painting titled "Ode to the Orange Dream Shake."

A classic wavy milkshake glass is filled with an orange cream shake floating on colorful clouds and garnished with an orange slice that spans it's colorful energies out to the sky.  A jet airplane flies up in the background, below a checkered ribbon swirl.

That's about all to report this month. Thanks again to those who are here!!

Peace, Love, Orange Creamshakes, summertime, goofs, & curiosities


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