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Woah, There's a Blog

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Well to start, Hello and WELCOME 🙏 Go ahead and take your flops off ✌

I decided this would be a nice place to share what I'm working on, perhaps with more personal and casual notes than on my social media accounts.

You'll see this littered with a few #hashtags per post with a purpose being your ability to search and find a certain subject being discussed in post(s) once there are a few too many to easily search through.

[Edit] I originally jumped right into things - so if you check my second post, I explain "Why I Create."

Let me fill you in on what's happening NOW:

I painted a #frog_charm with a fun design and colors for a new lava bead necklace. That will be added to the store in the next few days;

I'm designing #mouse_pads right now and I do really like the quality and look of them. I was debating the vertical orientation print as possibly being less user-friendly. Most of my paintings are vertical rectangles. Though after testing out a sample (because I wanted an "Eyes Pile" mouse pad for creative fuel, and yes it helps) it proves to be perfectly wide enough 8.5"x 6.5" (in.) for either orientation for whatever you're doing, whether it's scrolling up and down casually or gaming with more movements left to right, perhaps? What are your thoughts on this? While I was considering making more of them horizontal, I realized I could get away with keeping it horizontal putting a piece in a #pattern like a quilt.. anyway, here's a pic of what I mean:

It works for most types of botanical pieces, abstracts, and whatnot so I'll leave those fun ones as an option.

Please don't hesitate to send me a message about any thing you would love a whole lot more if only a certain tweak were made. Take this #ChakraGarden Patchwork mouse pad (above), for example. If you would like this oriented as the image alone without the pattern but vertical, let me know. Understand that some tweaks are more do-able than others, but there is a fair amount of flexibility to designing things that I am happy to adjust for serious inquiries to make you extra happy with that thing you have your eye on;

🧩Jigsaw Puzzles are in progress. Their image quality is great. Size and thinness of the pieces is a little small but so far I as I attempt to piece together "Wandering Mind," it has been worth it for the custom #puzzle.

I'll be slowly adding things to Pinterest, starting with everything existing in the store, until the point where you'll only see a pin notification for new things as they roll out. Follow me there to catch it all. (link on the homepage)

Anyway, that's the gist of things right now. Thanks for being here and supporting my art!



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